Where is My code?

Posted over 5 years by mitchel.danenberg2002

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I already payed with IDeal, but where is my code? I can't find the code please help me! ORDER #8963363

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Aiman posted over 2 years Admin

Hi Brady,

Kindly check the ticket ( ID: 457091 ) you have submitted in regards to this matter as we have already provided you with an update. Please do reply to the same ticket/email should you need any further assistance.  

Thank you

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Brady posted over 2 years

I payed where is my code ive been charged

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Khairul M

Khairul M posted over 5 years Admin

Hi Nathen,

Please be informed that there is no payment received for all of your orders. Kindly contact your credit card issuer for more information regarding this matter.

Thank you

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nathen2019 posted over 5 years

I Have the same problem where is my code: 

Order number: #8970217, #8970215, #8970184

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Alice posted over 5 years

Hi Mitchel,

We have checked your order 8963363 and seems like the order is completed and the code has been delivered to your OffGamers account. We will close this thread and deem issue resolved. 

Should you need any further assistance, please kindly email us at support@offgamers.com

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