status verifying

why my payment status verifying , I already confirmation via email 
here is my order number ORDER# 8939262 

2 people have this problem

Hi Atilla-kaan,

The verification process may take up to 24 working hours to be  completed. Kindly expect an update regarding this order within the next 3  - 6 hours. 

We apologise for the inconveniences caused and we thank you in advance for you kind patience with us.  


I have the same issue for the order 10585298. This is unacceptable as you advertising 4 hours delivery time and this is why I choose to go via this site !

This is highly suspicious as Paypal is already offering protection, I'm not sure what you could add ! I received the confirmation from Paypal that my credit card was charged. If you don't meet your delivery time, I'll open a dispute with Paypal for stealing my money !



Hi Alain,

Kindly be advised that your order was duly cancelled as per your request.

I am still waiting on my orders #10588447 and #10588741. I have ordered from many places online and never had to verification like this before, including orders form this site only few months ago. Very disappointed at the speed of service. If this takes much longer I will be going elsewhere in the future

Hello. elvashstampede.  We have responded to your email accordingly.

 And I appreciate that, just wish I was given more information about what is verifying. I order here because in the past it was fast and today being Sunday and the last day of the weekend, I would like to have my order today or else I will have wait all work week to get any use out of that. So I am sorry about asking so much, it is just frustrating to be waiting on some ambiguous thing called verifying. Just wish it was more clear on how long it would be : (

Hello. elvashstampede You may respond to our email if you have further inquiries.

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