status verifying

why my payment status verifying , I already confirmation via email 
here is my order number ORDER# 8939262 

2 people have this problem


We regret to inform you that we are unable to accept your payment through credit card or PayPal, resulting in a cancellation of your order. Any payment charged to your credit card will be reflected back to your account by your card issuer within 2 weeks, and refund to PayPal is within 24 hours. Kindly check your bank statement from time-to-time for the refund status. 

Please do consider using other payment options listed during checkout if you wish to place an order. We thank you for your patience and we do apologize for the inconvenience caused.


I also same and here my order number ORDER# 8942928

Your order has been processed now. Thank you.

Same for me with the  Order #8948015

Same for me,order



Your order 8948875 is completed now.

Thanks,but where and how do i get the key


You may check your email for the instruction t o view your code.

I see no instructions nor verification links in either of the five emails I was sent from Off Gamers.

ORDER# 8961453

Hi xizhang23,

It seems that your order already been completed by system. Please check your OffGamers account for the update regarding this matter.

Thank you

I also same and here my order number ORDER# 8968325

Hi Кирилл,

Your order is now completed and the card code(s) has been delivered to your OffGamers account. Please follow the guide by CLICKING HERE to learn how to retrieve your card code(s).

I also same and here my order number ORDER#8966484

Same problem......Order Number: 8972594

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