No Payment Made

I do not understand the problem

Money was offered but it does not show that money was offered

Please help

It says Pending 

We have responded to one of your post.

In regards to your recent order 8897958, your payment was refused by your card issuer and you may check with your bank for more information. Thank you. 

same problem with me

I had a very bad day with offgamers because everytime i placed an order a payment problem occurs and i really dunno why this happens. I had made an order like 5 times already and was refunded 5 times also because eventhough i paid my order via PayPal Express Checkout.. the status of the order always comes up "NOT PAYMENT SENT" or sometimes "AWAITING FOR PAYMENT" yet in fact i already had paid it and it was already taken out from my paypal account. I really was upset because everytime i ask for a refund theres a fee deducted on the pricipal amount that pisses me off. 

i really wanted to do business with offgamers but how can i? if this problem always persist everytime i do a purchase.


Paid via:

Current Order:
ORDER# 9016483

Your order was refunded now, Paul.

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