Really disappointed

I bought a code for 100qqpoints, at first my payment wasn`t registered and I wrote a ticket regarding the problem. The answer came quick and so far everything was okay, even though I had problems

but since then I first had to wait 2 hours befor the status changed to "verifying" and after I verified my account, and got a message I should wait 5-30 minutes, but even after 2 hours the status was still verifying.

I wrote a second ticket, but this time regarding the problem, that the status wasn´t changing, even though I verified my email. That´s where I got really disappointed in the support, because I got 

nothing more than the copy-paste version of the verification information that´s written under the order, that I should get an email and verify mine, even though I clearly stated, that I already did that.

I´m waiting now for 6 hours for an order, that should automatically be processed in like 30 minutes.

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Your order 8852595 has been completed and delivered.

same goes for me @ order #8887280 slow verification process and i haven't received any email yet. i need the card now!

An e-mail has been sent to your e-mail account registered for Paypal. In order to verify your PayPal e-mail address, please do take a few minutes to click on the link provided in the e-mail.


Kindly check your spam/junk inbox as well.

Note: Kindly check out payment via same Paypal email address to skip verification. Thank you. 

@Kenny Lim

You have send multiple emails of verification notice. 

Dear Jonathan,

You have made a PayPal payment of USDUS $19.79 to OffGamers using the following account:

In order to protect the owner of the PayPal account from fraudulent use, a verification e-mail with "Subject: [OffGamers]PayPal Account Verification" has been sent to the e-mail address shown above. Please kindly check the e-mail account and follow the instructions stated to verify your PayPal e-mail account. Thank you for helping us to serve you better.

For any enquiries or assistance, you may use our Online Live Support service or feel free to leave us a message. Please remember to include your Order Number when contacting us to expedite the process. Thanks again for shopping with us! \n\nOffGamers: \nG2G:

Best Regards,
OffGamers Team.

as you can see no link of verification are in there (You have sent this mail 3x already)

why dont you just process the order and complete it. you guys already received the payment now give your costumers good service

Your order is completed and delivered since you have verified your PayPal email.

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