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Posted over 5 years by nastya199-6

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After buying a card (photo 1)


, when you try to use it, you get an error about the wrong password (photo 2)


. Could it be that the code or password came wrong and what should I do?

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Khairul M

Khairul M posted over 5 years Admin

We would like to inform you that your issue is been investigate by our CDK Team. We will notify you via an email once the investigation is done. We appreciate your patience and support regarding this matter. 

Thank you

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Firdaus posted over 5 years

In regards to your order 8774206 that you're having issues with, we appreciate if you can notify us once you have submitted the screenshots to, and we will definitely assist you in having this checked. We apologize for the inconvenience caused, and we look forward for your acknowledgement. 

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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

Hi nastya199-6 ,

Please file a report and attach the two (2) screenshots required in JPEG/PNG/PDF format by emailing to or fill in the Game Code Issue Submission Form

1> Screenshot of your order showing the code you have received
2> Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption

We will only be able to escalate your code issue to the Personnel In-charge when we have received the screenshots as requested above. You will be notified by email once we have received the updates on this matter. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

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