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Posted over 5 years by Florenz

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ORDER # 8701645

So in the past 2 days, I've been contacting their support referring to their steam wallet code that isn't working at all so due to that issue, I have no choice but to directly contact them many times because every single attempt redeeming the code Steam says  the code was already redeemed before I even redeem it myself.  But unfortunately, their pompous support has been dragging that their investigation was fully operated and no sign of flaws at all 

by giving any means even if you contact them that the code they give to you during the transaction wasn't working at all they  definitely drag that their code was working and once you viewed their code that was sent to you that means it's already redeemed 

so once you got the code even it's not working you gotta give up and just contact or report it as fraud online activity in your nearby bank representative because they won't give you refund nor replacement code  that's how absurd and ridiculous their support and business is, Y'all better watch out for this fraud activity. 

Thank you for pocketing my $800 Canadian dollar = 600USD, I should've listened to my intuition that this kind of event will happen if I purchase this high value 

if you think I'm trolling or lying remember this if you're in my current situation you would probably feel my agony and wouldn't probably give up contacting them because you're the only knows the truth and hoping they would give you a replacement code or refund  

but that was just a delusional idea because once you read their reply in your complaints you will be like "OH SH*T I JUST GOT ONLINE SCAMMED* so that's feels is horrible people so better watch out buying in this website,

since I wouldn't be here anyways if the code they sent to me was working. on the first place so that's really disappointing the only option I have is either report this website as scam and fraud online so that the Anti-fraud/Scam will take an advanced and rigorous investigation, while in another hand immediately talk to your bank representative that you've been a victim of online fraud or scamming system so Goodluck everyone. 

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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

We thank you for your feedback and we look forward to enhance your shopping experience with Offgamers.. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any inquiries or need further assistance.

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Robin posted over 5 years

i use offgamers since 2008 i think, already spent over 10k in here without any problem, especially their voucher code.

i believe there might a mistake in here either on their code database or, worst either you or offgamers was hacked, there are alot of possibility, perhaps give them some times to investigation first

you dont need to worry, they will get your money back if the mistake are on their side.

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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

Hi Florenz,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have encountered while shopping with us. As informed by our CD Key Team that the investigation was completed thoroughly from their side and the updates has been sent to you through email. There are no other complain received for the same batch of the codes that we received. Thus, we unable to do anything from our side.

As advised by our respective team, you may contact Steam Wallet Support for more information as they have informed us the code was used on the same date as your purchased. To protect the user privacy, Steam Wallet Support will not give any other information other than the account owner themselves.

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