ORDER# 8634231 (2017-05-26 20:09:38)

Posted over 5 years by Alex

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I purchased a $30 iTunes gift card through PayPal, only to receive a message 2 hours later stating that my order has been cancelled.

The order status page says that I'm going to be refunded for the card, but not for the processing fee. Can you please explain why I have not been refunded the processing fee given that the order was cancelled without explanation?

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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

Hi Alex,

We are sorry we are unable to proceed with your purchase as there were risk indication based on the information that we received from various sources, which had led to our system to cancel & refund your purchase. Kindly consider other payment methods which bypass our verification process, such as Moneygram, Western Union or Wire Transfer.

Our apologies again for the inconveniences caused.

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