Order# 8574424 (2017-05-11 16:29:13)

 i have paid it with using via BANK BRI, why i didnt get my steam wallet code ?

Hi Apriliandy,

We will forward your screenshot and notify our Finance department to check on your payment status. Kindly allow some times and you shall be notified separately via email once there is an update on your order status.

Thank you.

thanks for your attention sir


You're most welcome. We will have you updated once we received a reply from our finance department. Thank you. 

Regarding your order 8574424, our finance department is unable to locate the payment from Indomog. Perhaps you can do a quick check with Indomog once more to confirm the status of the payment that you have made. Thank you. 

In regards to your order, it seems that it has already been delivered to you. We apologize for the delay in regards to having it processed, and please let us know if you have any questions by emailing us at

Thank you. 

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