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Posted over 5 years by Larry

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I used to be able to purchase my card 5,000 points for 179 - 182 dollars Canadian. Why is it 214 dollars Canadian now? I'm wondering what is with the massive price increase.


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Aiman posted over 5 years Admin

We do apologize for the situation, however the price increases according to the current exchange/demand of the product. We base the price from our Publisher/Supplier. Our respective team will adjust the price to the lowest retail rate to our customer which is why you will notice the price fluctuated from time to time.

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Larry posted over 5 years

Is it going to stay at that high? Or is it going to go back down...? Cause it just got so expensive that I don't know if I can afford to spend now.

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Hill posted over 5 years Admin

Hello. Larry. We apologized for the new price adjustment for Mycard by our publisher..

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