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I tried to make an order today, but it is still verifying and I'm being asked to provide extensive personal details about myself. This makes no sense to me as I've already bought from you in the past and I'm using the exact same payment method after doing the phone verification the first time. You've also already taken the money out of my account, so I don't think there has been any issues with my payment method at all. Please provide some assistance on this matter, as I am not giving you four different pieces of documentation and you've already taken my money so I'm not choosing a different payment method. Thank you.
ORDER# 8356302

Hi Brad,

We do apologize for the hassle with our verification process. Your order has now been canceled upon receiving your cancellation request. As for the documents we requested, due to the nature of the business, we have to take the necessary security precautions to protect you, the PayPal/credit card owner from fraud.

We are aware of the growing fraudulent cases worldwide, to a point where the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to be involved in any cyber-crimes involving PayPal/credit card fraud and identity theft. Unlike any other internet transactions, the services we provide include the delivery intangible products that cannot be tracked, nor produce proof of delivery in the event of a dispute. The practice of safe and secure transactions over the internet has been discussed over and over by the management. Weighing the options we have, and the alternatives that would keep us running without exposing the vulnerability of the business we run, has been a daunting task.

Compared to tangible items, the virtual services we run serves a different demographic of end users. Having been in this industry for more than 10 years, we realize that a solid verification flow not only serves as a deterrent to filter fraudulent orders, but also a necessity to protect the Paypal/credit card owners. Granted, we may have customer find the process unnecessary and a hassle, in which they may decide not go forward with the order. At the same time, we also have customer who are grateful that we were taking the necessary precautions to protect them. In the end, it all boils down to the balance we have to achieve to protect the interest of the business, the customer we serve, and the PayPal/credit card processing company that handles all our PayPal/credit card transactions.

Until global laws are amended to protect online merchants, until the technology to safeguard PayPal/credit card owners from identity thefts becomes available, and until stringent punishments are imposed to those who involve themselves in internet crimes globally, and not just by country; we have to take it up upon ourselves to create a safe and secure environment for our customer and at the same time, walk the very thin line that defines privacy.

Rest assured, we guarantee that the verification flow is in no way intruding your privacy, but it works out as a precautionary safety measure to ensure everything is in place. If you wish to bypass OffGamers verification process, please do consider alternate payment options:

Wire Transfer
Western Union

Thank you once again for choosing OffGamers. If there are any other questions or concerns you would like to address, please email us and would be more than happy to assist in any way.

I'm pretty sure now you are a fraud website! I have made a purchase for a PSN card and it kept saying verifying while my Paypal said that

the money was already taken from my account!! and I have sent you many emails regarding this and you replied that I can cancel the purchase by clicking the cancel button.

but when I did I waited 10 minutes and it said "Refunded" yet, when I called my card center they said that the last transaction was the one I purchased the PSN card with.

and no refund has been made to my account!

one word FRAUD.

Warning o everyone, stay away from this website! they will take your money and try to convince you to wait!!

Hi Mohamed Samir,

Kindly be advised that the payment was made by you via credit card through Paypal to us.  Paypal would be the payment gateway (middle party) in between your card issuer and us.  As such, when cancellation was effected, the system is only able to refund the payment made by yourself through Paypal, back to Paypal first, before Paypal in turn forwarding it back to your card account.  As such, the transaction may not be picked up by the card issuer as yet.  To ascertain whether or not a refund did indeed take place for this particular transaction, it would be best to refer to Paypal instead of your card issuer for the time-being, until Paypal has successfully posted the refund back to your card.

Hope this clarifies.


Hello, I am having this same issue. I'm stuck at "verifying" for more than 30 min already. I don't want to wait for any longer. My order # is 9305836 I need to know what's going on very very soon please!!!!

Hello, Stefan. Your order is completed and delivered.

Thank you very much!!!! It's been confirmed and used already

Most welcome.

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