My Order continues to say Pending then says no payment was made.

I do not understand. The money was offered. Was it less than the amount required for the top up to be accepted?

Or was there no money offered and wrong iteration of account details?


Hi Sandar,

Referring to your pending order with us, it appears that the transaction for the order was unsuccessful and refused by the payment gateway due not approval issue. You may try to place a new order again or you can contact your credit/debit card for more information regarding this matter.

Kindly contact us at should you need any further assistance for the order.

My order #8933169 is still pending. The payment was taken out of my card.

Please assist!

Hi Hisham,

We would like to inform that your order has been completed now and you may check your OffGamers account for the update.

Thank you

hello my order number
#9271018 is pending can someone help

Hi Z,
Your order is pending for echeck clearance. PayPal did not provide an estimated time on when the echeck will be cleared. We will notify you once we have received the notification from PayPal that your e-check is cleared.

If you do not wish for the echeck clearance, please do contact PayPal as there is no option for us to cancel this payment for you. We thank you for your patience and support.

How do I avoid sending an echeck?


my order is #9311643 and its still pending, help!

There is no payment from your pending order, Eirik.

my order is #9321841, money was taken out of my account but still says no payment was made.

Hi Jack U,

It appears that your latest order already been completed by the system. As for the pending order, it shows the payment as refused and you may contact your Bank or Card issuer to inquire further regarding this matter.

Order Number: 9363343

still pending

Hello, Sara. Your order is completed and delivered now.

when do they approved it because im still waiting my pending to verify it

Order Number: 9444188

Order Number: 9444115
Order Date: Saturday, 25 November, 2017

I got 2 orders

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