When do i get my purchase

Posted almost 6 years by Thebloxersil

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Hi i bought 10$ rixty card.


When do I get it? I confirmed through mail 

and the status is verifiying.

Ty for helping.

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Yap posted almost 6 years

Hi Thebloxersil,

It seems that there is a dispute case for this order. We have sent an email to you regarding this issue. Also, we suggest you to close the dispute for this order. If there are any issue with this card code you bought from us, you may always contact us by sending an email to our support@offgamers.com. As of now, this order is currently on hold for PayPal investigation.

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Aiman posted almost 6 years Admin

Hi Thebloxersil,

Please do check your email for the update and you may contact us at support@offgamers.com for assistance regarding this matter.

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