Pending? Need the code soon.

Hey. I bought 4 $100 codes using the PayPal I have always used. (Bought around $200-300 worth of codes on here in the past month) I bought them to take advantage of a deal, but now it says I'm going to have to wait a while for the codes to be released. I paid via PayPal balance so no credit cards or fraud was involved. Hoping someone can help. Thanks.

We are sorry that the system has tagged your order for further verification and you are require to submit few document to us. Please do check your email for the document that we needs. Once you have submit the document, verification process will take 12 to 18 hours. If you have further inquiries, please email to

Thank you.

It's asking for ID, utility bill, credit card, etc. I don't feel comfortable providing this kind of information online (considering even "secure" sites like LinkedIn and MySpace have been hacked.) Is this necessary? I've done the same amount (value wise) via Amazon gift cards consecutively in the past month and i did the PayPal verification thing a monrh ago.
Why was this marked as solved? It's definitely not solved :(

We mark this thread as solve as we have received your email in support email. As it is involve personal document, it is better that we update you in email. Please do check your email for the issue update.

Thank you.

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