So i jusst brought to lots of 1200g + a 200g and i dont have it

i brought 2600 gold for bleach online to get some Inital fury stones but my gold has not came on to my account so im going to miss out WTF

Hi Reece,

It appears there is slight technical issue with the game server. We have report this issue to our technical team and kindly allow them some time to check with the game publisher. In the mean time, please kindly send your order number to our email: so we can report this issue direct to the game publisher too. 

We apologized for any inconvenience caused.

I'm having the same problem i didnt get my gold

Hi Duard,

As this is a direct top-up from the publisher's server, we have inform our management to contact them and check on your issue. Once we have the replies from the publisher, we will reply to you again for the updates.

Hi Duard,

This is to inform you that your issue is now solved. The gold has topped up to your account now. You may login to your account and check on the updates.

Thank you.

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