Verify for 23 hours

Hi, my order number is 8125733

the website was saying it can be delivered instantly, but it asked me to wait for 23 hours to verify.

I already clicked the link that you guys sent me to my paypal account email, and paypal says you guys received the payment as well.   

Hi HsinFu,

Pertaining to your order, we have sent another email to you regarding the verification of your order. Kindly retrieve the email and provide us the requested documents for verification purposes before we can proceed on your order.

Thank you.

Hi yap, I just submit my documents, but i forgot to blank out embossed credit card number, should I resent it again? if I should, let me know how.

and hope you guys can verify it as soon as possible.

Hi Hsin-Fu,

You are require to submit new utility bill. You can submit your telephone bill or electrical bill as utility bill. Please use the submission link or send it to our support email:

Hi, Mohamd,

I do not pay for these bills of house, I am living with family.

any other instant?

and why you need these bill information to verify paypal account?

You may submit the bill even though the name on the bill is not your name. This is to verify your current location. 

Hi, I have updated all the documents, please verify as soon as possible, I'm kinda in rush.


We have forward the documents to the respective department for review. Please allow them some time to check and we will get back to you via email for the update.

thank you.

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