Didn't recieve my code.

Posted about 6 years by Sameh

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Order# 7854606 (2016-10-22 05:48:51)

i didn't receive my code and it shows processing forever.

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Aiman posted about 6 years Admin

Hi Sameh,

Unfortunately, the system only able to refund the payment as Store Credit since CashU payment was not reversible. Kindly try placing a new order with the Store Credit available.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused

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Sameh posted about 6 years

Dear offgamers,

I used CashU to purchase from your store and unfortunately I didn't receive the code as it is out of stock then you refunded the credit to the store credit balance not my cashu balance , so please i want the refund to my cashu not the store
. i.e i already lost 2 USD as a transaction fee using cashu and now i can't get my money.
Order# 7854606 (2016-10-22 05:48:51)

thanks in advance

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