Can't access my paypal account anymore for the payment verification.

Can't access anymore for this verification since it's no longer in use. Can you perhaps send the verification to my offgamers account email? I've lost the money from my paypal but haven't gotten the product since this issue.

ORDER# 7799505

Hi Valtteri,

Kindly login to your registered PayPal email address and click on the verification link attached within the email. It is also recommended to check inside your Spam/Junk mailbox if you are unable to locate the email. Once verified, your order will be processed accordingly.

In case that you unable to login into your PayPal email to verify the transaction/email, we have to refund back the payment back to the PayPal account holder. Please re-update your PayPal email login accordingly and retry to place a new order again.

Thank you

refund works just fine.

Hi Valtteri,

We will send you the update via email once the order has been refunded on system. Kindly contact us at should you need any further assistance.

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