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Posted about 6 years by jan

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i need to resend the email becures i miss typed the email i worth made you mail but i need to resend the Verifying email a bit fast too pls

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Firdaus posted about 6 years

In regards to your order, we are only able to proceed with your order(s) once we have receive all the required documents. We understand the hassle for you to gather the required documents for verification. Due to the nature of the business, we have to take the necessary security precautions to protect you, the PayPal/credit card owner from fraud.

We are aware of the growing fraudulent cases worldwide, to a point where the Federal Bureau of Investigation had to be involved in any cyber-crimes involving PayPal/credit card fraud and identity theft. Unlike any other internet transactions, the services we provide include the delivery intangible products that cannot be tracked, nor produce proof of delivery in the event of a dispute.

Rest assured, we guarantee that the verification flow is in no way intruding your privacy, but it works out as a precautionary safety measure to ensure everything is in place. If you wish to bypass OffGamers verification process, please do consider alternate payment option such as Wire Transfer.

Your understanding is much appreciated and please let us know if you have any questions. 

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PAE posted about 6 years

Please will you process my order  # 7785114, the transaction was with PayPal. You are now requesting all my credit card details for verification. I do not want to give out my card detail or any other detail in this respect, that is why I use PayPal. My PayPal account has processed the transaction to you, so please complete my order. If not I will cancel.

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Hill posted about 6 years Admin

You are most welcome. Jan.

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jan posted about 6 years

should be OK now thanks 

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