Verifying my order

I have orderd Time card of FFXIV 60 days# 7759212 and it still say verifying. I have opened the link for paypal verification but still i did not get the code yet.

Hi Monthir,

We apologize for the late reply of your message. Your order is already completed. You may login to your order history page to get your code. Alternatively, you may check on your email as we have sent a URL link to you, which will direct you to your order history page.

Thank you.

I am having a similar problem.

I have ordered the $50 PSN Card and the $10 PSN Card.

Order number for $50: 7761321

Order Number for $10: 7761376

Both of these have been stuck on verifying for a while now, i expected the codes to come quickly but instead they rae taking a very long time.

Hi Jake,

We are sorry as your order was flagged by the system for additional verification, as such, it needed to be escalated for approval by a specific team. Do allow a maximum of 24 hours for an update.  You may refresh your order page for updates.  Our delivery is instant upon successful verification. Your patience is greatly appreciated and our utmost apologies for any inconvenience.


Why does it need to be escalated approval by a specific team?

It was likely due to some inconsistencies found on your payment and account information, there may also be other reasons.


Will the order 100% go through?

It would actually depend on the further check done, if everything is fine you shall receive the product ordered.  We would highly appreciate your patience and understanding in allowing the needed time for updates.


Hi Jake,

Thanks for waiting, your orders have both completed , you may now view the codes purchased on the respective order page.


Thank You


You are welcome.

My order is stuck on verifying, what should I do?

 Your order was awaiting Paypal email verification, as per our response to you via your submitted ticket, you had successfully verified your email and order was subsequently processed.  Let us know if you require further assistance.

How long does it take to verify? My order number is 7829705.

Hi Kefka,

It appears that your purchase has been successfully processed and you may proceed to contact the Seller via G2G Chat.

Thank you

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