How long verifying an order?


Last time I ordered a PSN card It got flagged for manual verification I was told due to it being my first order, I've just placed another its now my third or fourth with offgamers and its stuck on verifying again. 

How long does it typically take? I assumed it was instant, if this becomes regular I may not use offgamers again as I was looking for a quick turnaround. 

Regarding your order 7758293, kindly verify your PayPal email before we can proceed with your order.

This has been done?

It is completed and delivered now.

My purchases have gone which i guess it means its been denied, WHY?

Also will i get my money back as its still on pending

Hi Kyle,

We have a generated a ticket for you in  regards to this issue (Ticket  ID: 280333). For any further  update/correspondence on the issue, kindly refer to this email/ticket  instead.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

i used virtual card and they says i need to wait 2weeks to get back my refund

it's online card you know, 

Hi, Aizen03023. You will be notified via email once there is an update for your order.

i'm disappointed to this kind of transaction

when you get my balance your'e so fast

when it comes to verify, it takes too long 

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, Aizen03023. We will try to speed up the verification and get you notified via email once there is an update.

please, give it to me my money

i'm in rush hours, i need it now...

Hi aizen03023,

We are sorry as the payment for your order (11761316) was under review/verification when cancellation request was submitted by yourself. The order is now duly cancelled and it usually takes within 3-14 working days for the Card Issuer/Bank to reverse the payment back to your card account.

hey can you tell me what is the token can you pls i want to  be vip plsfirst i login my account and i want to be with my cousin vip join to him

Hi Gabrielle,

Please email us at and provide the order number for us to check your issue further.

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