Invalid or already used dmm prepaid card.

I bought the prepaid card code from, but when i tried to use it, it says invalid or already used.

Here is buy orders history.

This is what i get, when Introduce code.

I'm a little upset about this, and I would be happy if you sent me a working code or return my money.

We have response to your email accordingly and any available updates will notify you vaie amil.

Что-то, если у кого-то проблема, саппорт старается объяснить все по почте, не вдаваясь в подробности на самом форуме.
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Всем русскоговорящим не слишком советую тут что-то брать. 

Our respective department is running an investigation with our publisher and you will be notify via email once there is an updates.

We would like to inform you that our CD Key team has sent a separate email to you in regards to your order issue. We will now close this thread and deem as resolved. Kindly refer to the email sent by our CD Key team.

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