stuck on pending

help. my order status is still pending when the amount has been deducted from my bank account.

order number 7510123

i thought it was supposed to be 15minutes but its not 

had been waiting for more than 2hrs and still waiting..

Rest assured, as we have forwarded your order to the relevant department for further checking. 

We will have you notified via email as soon as we receive an update. 

You patience is much appreciated and we apologize for the delay. 

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any questions. 

Plz help me i bought some cartel coins for SWTOR (the 2400 card) and untill now i didn't get a response from the site or from the dinheiromail. When i click to see the details of the purchase, a new window opens and show me whats in the photo attached. Tried the live chat, ticket, and still no response plz help.

Order number : 7518202

And i'm sending a photo to prove that i paid for it 

Hi Matheus,

Currently we are waiting for the payment clearance of your order. This usually will take approximately 3 to 15 days for the payment clearance. Once we have any further updates regarding your order, we will inform you via email.

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