scammed? used steam code

I have used this site many times to buy steam codes with no problem in small amounts. this time I was in a rush and purchased a $100 steam code and got a used code

order #7508382

Hi sal,

Regarding your code Issue, we advise for you to kindly submit to us a screen shot of the following in order for us to get this issue reported to the CDKey management so that they can investigate this issue with the publishers of the code as we have no direct access to the publisher's systems. 

1. Screen shot from the Offgamers order history page showing the CD Key product codes.
2. Screenshot of the error you received on your account during redemption 

Please send the screenshot to or

Thank you

Yes, I got a used code which cost RM200. They don't trust me. 

We have responded to your email accordingly. Thank you.

I have shown picture that I bought a used code.

Where is the prove that the code was redeemed in my account? 

Where is the picture prove from your supplier and Steam converstaion?

We have responded to your email accordingly. Thank you.

same thing has happened to me 

Hi Zachary,  Your issue is being attended to via ticket #187024 , do refer to the updates via the ticket number accordingly.

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