Worst gift card site ever.

 First it take likes ages before you get emails that you paid.

Second you need to verify you paypal with the linked paypal-email?

Like why?!?!

Just waste of your time.
This is the slowest, most annoying online shop ever.
Most sites you pay with paypal and in 30 seconds you got your item.
Here it take like 30 minutes.
I want refunds.

Hi Yuraj,

Pertaining to your query, the PayPal email verification is just a one time process. It is to verify that you are the owner of the PayPal account. We will only require you to verify again in the future if you have change your PayPal email address.

As for your order, it has been canceled upon receiving your cancellation request. Since you have closed the dispute on this transaction, the payment has already returned back to your PayPal account. You may check on the updates of your account.

Thank you.

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