Issue with a Customer Service Rep with OffGamers.

I'm a first time buyer here with OffGamers; I was sent an email that my verification had been rejected, as any normal person would react, I had questions. I inquired with a customer service rep through the life chat feature provided. This is the results of that chat.

Lily Zhao10:49 amThank you for contacting OffGamers! How can we help you today?

10:50 amOrder was cancelled and refunded

Chance BrewerHi Lily, I recently placed an order for a 20$ Steam Code; however after verifying, I was told it was rejected

I'd like to know why.

Lily Zhaofailed to pass the verification

so it got cancelled

Chance BrewerHow does it fail the verification?

That is what I'd like to know.

Lily Zhaonot sure

it was done by respective team

not me

Chance BrewerWell, maybe you can get me in touch with someone that can answer my question then. As of currently, I do not have access to those funds to use them for anything else until your side finishes the return.

Lily ZhaoWe are not available to do it

We will issue a refund to your PayPal account within 48 hours, and the funds should be available to you within the same day or 5 business days. Refunds for Credit Card purchases may take a period of 2 weeks for the refund to reflect in your account.

Chance BrewerTwo weeks; and you're unable to answer any questions.

Please transfer me to a Manager or Supervisor.

This is absurd.

Lily Zhaono

If you want to place a new order, you can ttry with another payment options

Chance BrewerThis is by far the worst Customer Service I have ever received, are you new to the company?

Why would I place another order; when you can't answer a simple question and refuse to transfer me to a higher authority?

That is redundant.

Please transfer me to a manager or supervisor.

Lily Zhaothis is normal verification here

not here

WebMoney (Worldwide)

you can try with this payment option

Chance BrewerThere is always someone else available; I've dealt with companies such as yours before, there is always someone available.

I'm not going to try another payment option until I speak with a supervisor or manager.

Lily Zhaono, this is the final result

Chance BrewerMs. Lily; your customer service skills are far sub-par; I would suggest you enroll in a college course to better your skills, as currently. They have just lost you a potential long-standing customer.

OffGamers; I would suggest you either hire new customer service representatives or invest the time to properly train your current crew in proper customer service handling.  

Hello. We do apologized for you unpleasant experience  and we would like to inform you that your order has been cancelled by our system as it has failed the verification which set by our system. Other than that, you are suggested to check with other payment methods which is still available for you.

Hill; I think you fail to realize the reasoning of this post. It is not to inquire about the failed verification any longer. It is to point out the blatant lack of customer service skills provided by Offgamers.

Yes, we do understand and we do apologized for the unpleasant experience you have . Furthermore , higher authority is not available as our time zone is different, and its the reason why they can't transfer for you to comply your request. Lastly, we will take your advice and get her trained for more fluent & efficiency in handling the issue.

 HAY0LWGBTHEFD314 this code dose not work pls help

Hi, Nichola. We have responded to your issue with ticket ID# 655894 and further correspondence will be done through the email that we have sent to you. Regards: Hill

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