Paypal email verification


I've recently placed and order for the first time on this site, paying via PayPal, and was requested to confirm my PayPal address via an email sent to my PayPal address.

I clicked said link once and was told the verification was successful but the order page still asks me to verify by clicking the link.

Successive clicks on the same link fail for obvious reasons.

What should I do to receive my code?

Order no. is 7246500

Hi Saar, can you please send us an email to by providing us the error message please? So that we can help you and launch an investigation on this. Thank you.

I've sent an email.

Alright. We will reply to your email accordingly. Saar. 

Hi Saar,

It seems that your issue is solved now and your order is completed. We will now deem this issue as resolved.

Happy gaming day ahead. :)

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