Verifying Taking Hours

Please your support with my orders 72190617219053, they have been taking hours since they been in that status

Hi Mike,

Kindly login to your registered Paypal email address and click on the verification link attached within the email. It is also recommended to check on your Spam/Junk mailbox if you are unable to locate the email. Once verified, your order will be processed accordingly and the code will be delivered to your OffGamers account.

Hello, both links were verified, please confirm

Hi Mike,

Your order has been completed and you may check your email for the update. Thank you :)

Thank you, your support with the following order 7219993

Hi Mike,

It appear that your latest order has been completed now. Kindly check your OffGamers account to retrieve the code. Thank you


Hi Mike,

All the orders mentioned above has been completed and we will be closing this thread. Should you need any further assistance, please do email us at Thank you.

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