security token is invalid. Please try again.

Hi, I enter Security Token but an error appear and it say it is invalid?

Account ID : 3000569


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 HI Gyuner,

Our team have responded to your ticket previously. Please check your email in regard of this issue.

Thank you.

Same issue here, tried 2 times.

Please solve the problem ASAP. 

Account ID : 380086


Same here , 

Account ID: 2994206


Kindly try again in 1-2 hours as the respective team would have been done something on this by then.  Sorry for the inconveniences.


same tried three different browsers

Kindly send us an email at and provide your OffGamers email address for our respective team to assist further.

Dear all,

It seems all the issue regarding security token invalid has been fixed. You may try to verify your mobile number through our website again. If the issue still persist, you may email to us at for further assistance. Thank you.

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