Problem with refund

Hi, so i made an order for some aeria points but the order took too much time so i canceled it but u already charged me for it. So i was wondering if i can active that order again or some solution that can work quickly because u said it might take up to 14 days for the refund and i can't wait that much time. I would really appreciate your help with my problem because I'm a student and someone owe me that money and if i don't have it back quickly 

I'll have to pay them with my tuition loans.
Please help :(
Thank you

Order No. : 7021016

Dear Mohamed, We have escalate your issue to the relevant department to process on your refund as soon as possible. Do contact our customer support for the updates on your refund status at any time. Thank you.

thank you very much for assistance, i'll be waiting for it and until then pleave don't mark my issue as solved.

Thank you

Dear Mohamed,

We are sorry to tell you that the funds has already been refunded from Adyen side. We are not able to rollback your order 7021016 now. Kindly do wait for approximately 14 days for the payment to be reinstate back to your credit card.

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