Stuck on Verifying

Hello dear Support,

my order is currently stuck on verifying. I paid through paypal and have already verified my paypal email using the link sent to me.

Order# 6952978

It would be great if someone could look into this problem.

Thank you.

Hi Bastian,

We apologize as system queue your order for manual verification since the latest order has exceeded the purchase limit. It would require for our respective team to manually check the order before it can be proceed accordingly. However, due to the weekend, our respective Team will get back to you on Monday by latest.

We thank you for your patience and apologized for any inconveniences caused.

 So i must wait to Monday then the purchase is done

Hi Bastian,

Yes, you will receive the update on Monday once the respective team check your order.

I cancel this order too much trouble,thank you

i need the money for a ingame event Unlimited ninja,and i cant wait more time


Hi Bastian,

We would like to inform that your order has been cancelled as requested. Our apologies again for the inconvenience caused.

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