Security Token not sent to my mobile number

Posted almost 7 years by Jaewoo

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I didn't receive any text. My mobile number is correct. Please help me with this matter. I tried to register many times buy i can't received any sms. Tried to change the numbet but still no security token sent. Please help with this issue. Thank you

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Khairul M

Khairul M posted almost 7 years Admin

Hi Jaewoo,

It seem your phone number not yet verify. We able to manual call you for phone verification to verify your registered phone number with us. You may notify us by email ( to let us know the suitable time to call you. Thank you.

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Mohamad Fazril

Mohamad Fazril posted almost 7 years

Hi Jaewoo

Please kindly contact our live chat support or email us - for further assistance. Thank you.

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