invalid code

im trying to upgrade my Final Fantasy XIV with the codes i purchased from your site but it says " The entered code is invalid". the code was not used before; coz if it was used it will tell me something like " the code is already used".

the item numbers are



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We have response to your email . Thank you.

i bought a code for lineage2 1.200 . after i get the code i used on my account but nothing happened didnt get any nccoin or anything . after i tryed second time its said this code already used. 

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Hi Gizem, 

Please verify if there are any coins on your game account. You may check by log into your into your game account to confirm this. As sometimes there is some delay from game site while crediting the coins.

Thank you

i checked its still the same my code saying "This serial code has already been used." i sent ticket to ncsoft also i dont know what is wrong honestly.

Please send us an email to along with your order number. We required you to provide the screen shots as below as well:

1. Code viewed from your order page

2. Error message

Once we receive all the needed info/screen shots, we will forward to our CD Key Team for further investigation.

sent screenshots about my order page and error message from account . 

We have forwarded your order along with your screen shots to our CD Key Team for further checking. We will notify you via email for any updates. Thank you.

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