my order is pending..

my order is pending but I have been charged.. please tell me why I haven't gotten my gold..

Hi Julius,

Referring to your order 6828444, It appears that system shows the payment still pending for E-check clearance from PayPal. This process normally takes between 3-5 working days for the payment to clear. You will be receiving updates via email or on the order page itself when it eventually clears. Thanks for your patience and we apologize for the inconvenience caused

Hi Julius,

Please be informed that your e-check order 6828444 is completed. You should receive the gold for your order previously. We thank you for your patience and support regarding this matter.

I'm having this problem too.

Hi Howard, Your order was canceled due to the system detected your order placed using proxy or VPN. Kindly refrain from using any proxy or VPN to place the order. Do turn it off and you may proceed to place a new order.

same problem here

Kindly sent an email to and attach your order number so we can check for you.


Hello, same Problem here. Order is still pending since 2 days now. My Order Number is 6868107 and I have been charged via PayPal, Does it always take that long?

Hi Rene,

It seems PayPal has issued you an e-check on the payment you made on your order. Usually it will take approximately 5 working days for the clearance of an e-check. Once the e-check is cleared, we will proceed on your order accordingly and we will update you via email.

Hi Rene,

Please be informed that your order 6868107 is completed. You may check your email for the latest update for your order status. 

I am having the same issue pls help

We will reply your issue with the ticket you sent in . Rpacab.

Hello , i have the same problem. First order went fine. Now the rest are stuck on PENDING.. What is it going on?


Kindly sent your inquiries and order number to our support email for more assistance. Thank you.

ORDER# 6987889

Still I do not receive the product though paypal informs me that my payment has been completed

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