waiting for answers :( 4 Already Redeemed Itune Code

Hello, i know i have to be patient, but this wating period is omg.... more when its not onlyone code, they r 4 of 100$ each,

just bought them with few minute of diference, also didnt know that could happen, cuz im a regular user and usualy buy cards almost everyday,

i havent had a problem like this before with your website,

Orders Number




i hope you understand my position,
i hope this is just a mistake.
i already did send Email to cdk
but it feels like age to wait for answer :/

Hi Jesus,

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you faced while shopping with us. As the information we received from our CD Key Team, they will complete the investigation as soon as possible or by today at least. We will notify via email once the investigation is completed. We appreciate your patience and support regarding this matter.

Thank you

Thanks Buddy 5* To your Team, i got my news codes cuz it was a mistake from server i know this could happen some time, unlucky me :( happy day


Hi Jesus,

Since you received your new codes, we will now deem your issue as resolved.

Should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.

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