I cant verify my phone number

Hello, im Dario from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My mail is my problem is that i cant verifiy mi phone number in the account setting my numer is +54 9 11 6946 2407. Please Help.


The format in which you had entered your mobile phone number on profile may have been incorrect, hence the system was unable to reach it.  Do refer to the following guide and contact us at fir further questions.


I watch this site but i dont understand.

when I want to make the purchase says " The mobile number you provided HAD you are already in use or invalid Please key in another mobile number or click here" My phone is +54 15 69462407. But i can't buy

Hi Dario, system still showing the number provided as invalid. Please try add 9 between the area code and country code and proceed to verify the number again.

Example : +54 9156946****

Hi Dario,

You may send us an email to to inform us whenever you're free to accept our call for manual phone verification.

Thank you

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