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Posted about 7 years by makoy.antolin

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Does Paypal Express Checkout really takes this long to be verified?

Order # 6774930

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Claressa Jayne

Claressa Jayne posted about 7 years

Hi nhatequalalexuk,
Your order is completed.

To view/download your keys/ePins, log into your Shasso account through the following link:

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nhatequalalexuk posted about 7 years

where do I get the gift card code?


Order# 6780626


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Khairul M

Khairul M posted about 7 years Admin

Dear Makoy,

Your order 6774930 has been canceled per your request.

Thank you.

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Yap posted about 7 years

Hi makoy.antolin,

We apologize for the late reply of your message. For your information, PayPal has issued you an e-check for the payment you made on this order. The clearance of e-check may take approximately 5 working days. Due to we have received your cancellation request for your order, your order has already been canceled and the payment has been rejected from our side.

Thank you.

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