This company has scammed me!

I paid for 2x 30$ Mint Pins, I quickly realized one of the codes are not working, And after talking with support and getting the same bullshit over and over again, I am sertain this company has scammed me.


Dear Alexander,
From your order issue status, the code is still pending investigation. Our Game Card team will contact you directly once they have any updates on your case.
Please do check your email on the order status.
We apologize for the trouble.


Dear Alexander,

It seems your issue has been solved. We will close this thread and you may contact us by email to for further assistance. 

Thank you

Where’s my orders

Hi Galaxy Breeze, we have sent you the reply via Ticket ID: 575054 and any further correspondence will be done via the ticket email that we had replied to you. Thank you and stay safe! Regards, Kayel.

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