Used Karma Koin

I am a regular buyer for Karma Koin and I've never had any problems with purchasing them online. This, was until I bought from OffGamers. Who would think that a game card would be used, when purchasing from a widely-known website? I didn't. However, it happened to me. And while browsing on the forums, I can see that this issue happens to many other customers. I opened a ticket weeks ago, hoping to get at least a reasonable reply. But, no. No one was helpful. I had to call over 3 times, use live chat over 3 times, email a couple times and still get no 'customer service'. I was told that I'd get a response the next business day. Then get delays for every useless response I get. The 'service' I receive here is terrible and uncalled for. I was going to be a regular purchaser but that won't be the case anymore. I am done with purchasing from this site if they do not care for their customers nor care to help at all. I have screenshots to prove this.

The code given to me was : DDTDDEMZZGWC26BFD9J6
I bought the game card on Aug 13, 2015. Today's date is Aug 28, 2015. I still did not get my issue resolved.
- First Screenshot shows my e-mail confirmation that I purchased the game card on Aug 13, 2015.
- Second Screenshot shows that the game card has already been redeemed by someone else, when I try using it.
- Third Screenshot shows your reply, showing that your responses' were delayed, (I waited a week for a response that was not helpful), and shows that the card was redeemed on Aug 12! I purchased the game card at Aug 13, how is it my fault, when the game card was redeemed a day before I purchased it!? 

To make this post short: 

I purchased a game card at Aug 13, 2015 (Thursday). I tried to redeem the card but it has already been used, before I purchased it. OffGamers gave a week late response saying that the game card had been used on Aug 12, 2015 (Wednesday). This is clearly not my fault, as I purchased the game card a day later than it being used.

I asked for at least a replacement card because I paid for a new game card, not a used one. You guys try to keep stretching this issue out, and I am getting NO help.

I need a fix for this issue, immediately.

I've already submitted a ticket about this issue. How much longer will OffGamers stretch out this problem? This website is definitely lacking in the customer service department.

 Due to the weekend, we will be expecting for during weekdays. We will contact you once we have any resolution on your issues.
We apologize for the trouble.

We would like to inform you that our CDKey team has replied you in a separate email, please do check the email for more details. Thank you. 

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