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Posted over 7 years by Wappy

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I am a regular buyer for Karma Koin and I've never had any problems with purchasing them online. This, was until I bought from OffGamers. Who would think that a game card would be used, when purchasing from a widely-known website? I didn't. However, it happened to me. And while browsing on the forums, I can see that this issue happens to many other customers. I opened a ticket weeks ago, hoping to get at least a reasonable reply. But, no. No one was helpful. I had to call over 3 times, use live chat over 3 times, email a couple times and still get no 'customer service'. I was told that I'd get a response the next business day. Then get delays for every useless response I get. The 'service' I receive here is terrible and uncalled for. I was going to be a regular purchaser but that won't be the case anymore. I am done with purchasing from this site if they do not care for their customers nor care to help at all. I have screenshots to prove this.

The code given to me was : DDTDDEMZZGWC26BFD9J6
I bought the game card on Aug 13, 2015. Today's date is Aug 28, 2015. I still did not get my issue resolved.
- First Screenshot shows my e-mail confirmation that I purchased the game card on Aug 13, 2015.
- Second Screenshot shows that the game card has already been redeemed by someone else, when I try using it.
- Third Screenshot shows your reply, showing that your responses' were delayed, (I waited a week for a response that was not helpful), and shows that the card was redeemed on Aug 12! I purchased the game card at Aug 13, how is it my fault, when the game card was redeemed a day before I purchased it!? 

To make this post short: 

I purchased a game card at Aug 13, 2015 (Thursday). I tried to redeem the card but it has already been used, before I purchased it. OffGamers gave a week late response saying that the game card had been used on Aug 12, 2015 (Wednesday). This is clearly not my fault, as I purchased the game card a day later than it being used.

I asked for at least a replacement card because I paid for a new game card, not a used one. You guys try to keep stretching this issue out, and I am getting NO help.

I need a fix for this issue, immediately.

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diana posted over 7 years

We would like to inform you that our CDKey team has replied you in a separate email, please do check the email for more details. Thank you. 

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Claressa Jayne

Claressa Jayne posted over 7 years

 Due to the weekend, we will be expecting for during weekdays. We will contact you once we have any resolution on your issues.
We apologize for the trouble.

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Wappy posted over 7 years

I've already submitted a ticket about this issue. How much longer will OffGamers stretch out this problem? This website is definitely lacking in the customer service department.

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