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Hi Zyrinx,

Your order is already completed. Store credit has already been issued to your account. You may use your available store credit to place on any order in our website.


Hi Jchan,

We apologize for the late reply. Your order is completed.

Thought that the processing charge was one off. been charged again using the same paypal account :/ anything you guys can do?

Your order now completed and delivered.

Ürün kodu teslim edecek zaman


Do let us know your order number so we can check and get back to you soon.

Dear Deniz,

Please check your email for your order 6752401. You're required to verify your Paypal email before we able to proceed with your order. Once your Paypal email is verified, we will proceed with your order accordingly. Thank you.



 An e-mail has been sent to your Paypal e-mail address. Please do take a few minutes to click on the link provided in the e-mail, in order to verify your PayPal e-mail address.

Please be informed that your order 6761353 has been completed. You may send us an email to for any inquiry/assistance.


Hi Ahnaf,

Your order is already completed. The card code has already sent to your order page in your OffGamers account.

Should you have any inquiries or require any assistance for your order, do not hesitate to send us your inquiries. We're always ready to assist you the best we can.

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