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Posted over 7 years by Peter

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Dear reader,

On 18-06-2015 i have bought an 60 day's gamecard for Wildstar EU (order number 6400965). Sadly when i tried to enter the code on the website it didn't seem to work i kept getting the error message " invalid code" I immediately contacted the live chat. There they told me i have to submit a form with 2 screenshots and details and they will fix the issue within a few hours max 1 day the support live chat said. So i filled everything in and waited a day.  No answer 1 day later, i contact the live chat support again and now this lady is saying 72 hours once again i agreed with a hard head. After all i already paid for a product i'm not getting..

And to my surprise today still no MAIL. I contacted live support AGAIN and now the lady told me (keep in mind i have been waiting 3 days already) Oh sorry, monday i hope they might have a solution for you. That means 5 days and hope i even get a mail back monday.

I explained the whole issue and thats it's not my problem just give me a new key or refund my money and they wouldn't do both. She does not have the power to give me a new key and she can't refund cause i seen the original cd key. This is absurd to say the LEAST it comes very close to SCAMMING. If i buy something i expect it to be working and if not it to be fixed the same day or next day not 5 days. And support is of no help at all they cant do anything all they keep repeating the whole time is "sorry for the inconvenience this is causing" thanks but that won't get me to raid with my guild in Wildstar now is it?

This is by far the worst ever support i have encountered up till now i paid for a 60 days wildstar EU gamecard. 3 days later and 4x customersupport contact + facebook chat contact i still have the same issue and now it will take 5++ days before they are able to give me my new key.

The only 2 solutions i accept is:

My key that i paid for.

A refund immediately.

Also a compensation cause of the poor support and not keeping to your  own policy (working key within 1 hour of order) ( 72 hours for new working key) is in order.

PS: This is coming from a loyal customer who already orderd more then 24 key's from them worth more then 1000 EUR total. First time i have an issue now and this is how they handle it.... very poor.

I look forward to a solution & appropriate compensation within the next few days if not i will freeze the payment on my bank account.

Thank you.

(Order number 6400965)

And yes i forwarded this mail to every mail i could find of you keys i also forwarded this to all complaint sites and on facebook & twitter cause this is insanely bad and i expect a solution right now.

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Aiman posted over 7 years Admin

Hi Peter,

First and foremost, we apologize for the ordeal that you have gone through with this purchase. Since we did not create nor publish the code from our end, we have no access to the developer's system to check directly and require their assistance which, in turn - requires time.

We apologize as before the investigation is completed, we won't be able to proceed anything, nor provide much update from our end. Kindly allow us more time while we contact the publisher's support team for further investigation. We pledge to provide updates instantly when we receive any news from the on-going investigation.

Once again, we are truly sorry for the inconveniences caused.

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