I can no longer pay with PayPal

I gave my son permission to create a account on this website and to use my Paypal to purchase a few things that he wanted as long as he used is own card that was linked to my paypal, i sent off gamers all my information and pictures of my card billing statement and passport. they are now saying they can't ring me and my window of opportunity is now closed as i was not free when the previously tried to speak with me. some one from offgamrers please ring me asap, or reinstate the paypal option back onto my account as i have previously sent you my id etc..

We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to take your order with PayPal as its failed verification with you previously as we just recheck with our respective department. Thank you.

i cannot also pay with paypal even i have sent you all the papers that you asked. 

We apologize but we no longer able to accept payment using Paypal or Credit Card due to certain issues.


you do accept paypal except me with no reason really. you sent an email now that i became a platinum member and you have cut me paypal payments with no reason

Due to your purchases has raised several flags in our system, it triggers the security alert of our system. We do apologize for that you are not able to use certain payment option. However, you may still use Wire Transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram payment option.

i am sorry to say but your system triggers false security alerts. i am the only and legit owner of this paypal account and yes i may connect from different IP's but all of them are in greece. i am the only person accessing my account because it is a business account and i am accepting THOUSAND of GBP every month. You should check your system again and tell me what is the problem and why the alarms are triggered so we can solve this out. Instead you practically ban me from your system. I CANNOT USE wire transfer western union of money gram ( i do not consider trustworthy) because greek banks are on HOLIDAY. Greece is on a CAPITAL CONTROL state because Greece has almost BANKRUPTED and greek people CANNOT send money in any way outside their country. I can only pay with PAYPAL because all my money are there because i am a merchant retailer. i really need to buy Amazon UK gift cards. I am already a platinum member in almost a month. And you say that you cant do anything. I am really sorry.

We have checked your account with our management multiple times, and the decision has been made. These are the only payment options available. You may consider using Western Union or Webmoney.

For your information, Western Union is just an agent in each country, or consider them as a middle person to transfer the funds to another country that have Western Union agent as well.

These are the payment options that we can come up with for your purchase. You may consider using them for your future purchases.

ok i understand. you just want to ban me from your website. western union its an unsafe way to send money. i have lost money with that. do you think i am a fool?

But i feel a FOOL for sending you all these papers of personal information to verify my account. i put my personal information in JEOPARDY in your website for no reason.

i will discuss with my law department my moves. i will ask you to delete any records of my personal information and all critical personal information (jpgs, pdf's) or whatever i have sent you to be delete. It seems that your site has a strategy on that as i have read in many forums on the internet.

You give no reason and you dont event try to work out any possible problem that has come up with your system. YOU DIDNT CHECK anything in your system. thats a lie and thats your strategy to steal people's personal information and sell them?? in third party companies for unknown reasons

We are sorry that we could not assist you any further as the decision from our management is finalized. We did suggest you some other available payment option aside from online payment method. You may consider to use those suggested payment option to you.

i would never send an offline transfer to a web site. i would never ever risk it. who buys online with wire transfer's. I am sorry but why don't you say we ban you from our website clearly. tell me that we dont want you to buy from us anymore because we have a crappy system that rings FALSE alarms. i work in IT and i am a programmer myself and i can understand what alarms ring on security firewalls about accounts that log always from different ip's and as a precaution method are auto blocked. But normally your IT dept should contact me and we could solve this because yes i log from different ip's because i have 3 office's that my pc is logging to. You just want to BAN me for no reason

We apologize but we unable to do anything further for your situation. We no longer able to accept your payment from Paypal, do consider other payment option if you still wish to make purchase with us.


at one time i considered your website more professional. your answers are all copy paste without really helping to solve a problem. you will hear from me soon. 

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