Havent received Security Token on my mobile phone

Posted over 7 years by joe fred

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joe fred

I tried to change my phone number and even request for a security token many times but still, nothing happened. 
Please help me verify my phone number. 


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Aiman posted about 7 years Admin

Hi Passakos, we have send you the update via separate email. Let us know if you need any further assistance

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Passakos posted about 7 years

Some help over here too I still can't get my security code.need some help

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kartikasari posted about 7 years

Kindly contact us at support@offgamers.com with your customer id or login email so we can look into this and suggest a solution.


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Wilmer posted about 7 years

Im having the same problem since no matter how many times I try, I don't recive the security token on my phone. This is becoming so anoying.

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Yap posted over 7 years

Hi Joe Fred,

It seems that your number has already been verified in our system.


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joe fred posted over 7 years

I've seen the token. It's not working.

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Hill posted over 7 years Admin

Hello. Kindly sent us an email once you seen the ticket that sent from us so we can sent the security token to you to update your new number.

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