Order Number: 6251059, I still haven't receive the refund , Have you issued it ?

 Order Number: 6251059,  I still haven't receive the refund , Have you issued it ?

Hi Mary,

It appear your order has been refunded and the payment should reflect back to your Paypal account now.

PayPal Refund Transaction ID: 70V72858CF091361V

Order #6242422 still don't have any feedback or resolution Please act quickly on this
Sorry for the late reply Jovanni, our Inventory team sent you an email yesterday with the correct codes. Please refer to the email and report to us again if you have any other issue.
Thank you.


I've already verified my account and I've been waiting for an hour already where is my paid product?

 Hello Diamond,

Your order is now completed. You will be able to retrieve the code on your account shortly. Please check your email for the URL to retrieve your code.

Made an new order please look into it ASAP thank you.

 It's completed =)

how long should i wait for my code after i sent the all information to offical email...

i dint get any reply from the email

 Hi 祖,

It seems there is some technical issue with our OCBC account and our Technician is trying to fix the issue. We will notify you via email once there is updates about your order 6300943. We apologize for any delay caused. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter. Thank you.

how long should i wait for my code?


As for your order 6300943, our Technician still trying to fix the issue with our System for OCBC. We will get back to you via email for the updates. We truly sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Hello I've made an order 6374921 I've been prompted for the phone verification thing but I've been waiting for 30min although I'm the only person on queue for the live chat, do look into it ASAP.
Hi Diamond,

Please be informed that your order 6374921 has been delivered and completed. You may check your email for the latest updates for your order status. Thank you.


We will be locking this topic as the original case has been resolved. Kindly create a new topic in case if you require any assistance. 

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