The problem with buying MyCard

Hello. Today (03/04/15) when buying MayCard TW and pressing the "Checkout" writes:

"Phon is incorrect (correct format:" + "+ country code + phon number digits!)".

Number: +7 911 274 ****

When buying a card 30/02/15 no problems (passed quickly and easily).

And now did not buy it. The order number (ORDER# 6240873) is still pending  = \

Hello. Lina. We have checked on your pending order and found that your payment has failed which you may contact your QIWI wallet for more information . Beside, your mobile number is working fine as its verified.

So with the phone number all right? Is good.

So, the problem QIWI .. Before this problem is not encountered. 

I will try something to do with it then.

Thanks you.

Indeed. Your mobile is fine and you may check with us if you have further inquires. Thank you.

Oh, Yes^^ Everything turned out easier.

Solved the problem with buying MyCard. Just transferred to a Visa card.

Now, will all payments made with Visa cards.

Thank you, again.

Alright. You are most welcome .

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