ORDER# 6200166 (Steam Wallet Code has already been redeemed)

Hello! I can't redeem this code. I'm getting an error "The Steam Wallet code you have entered has already been redeemed. If you have recently purchased this code, please contact the seller for further assistance."

Please issue me a new code or refund me. Otherwise I have to reverse the charge with my bank.

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Hello, David. We have escalated your issue to our respective department and get you notify via email as soon as we got the updates from our publisher. 

Hi David,

Our CD Key department has replied you in a separate email along with the details of the usage of your Steam Wallet code. We were informed that the code has been redeemed successfully. Please verify if there is any active Game Cards on your account. You may check by login to your Account Management as this will show you any active, pending, or expired payments on the account.

Thank you.

That's why I said the code has been already redeemed by someone else. And I can't use it because of that. Anyway, I filed a chargeback as I didn't get a refund or a working product.

I bought 2 codes (1 X $ 20 card & 1 X $50 card). You can see I only used the $20 code 1 day later I bought it from offgamers, See the attached picture for my steam transaction history.. 

You may reply to the email that our respective department responded to you, David. As they are fully in charged with your cdkey issue.

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