Yesterday i bought a 10 dollar PSN CARD that one worked, then 5 minutes later i bought an 50 dollar PSN CARD and that one was used already..

I've sent 2 mails with their instructions in it.

I just want my money back or a new working code.

I'm not accepting this.

I'm trying to get in the live chat but they are never online and only connectable on the email but the reactions are taking ages.

Anyone knows how this is gonna end or an admin?

My order number was 6150337


 Dear Youness,

Currently our CD Key Team in the midst of investigation with our Supplier and they will their best to solve the issue as soon as possible. We will get back to you via email once the investigation is complete. We do apologize for the trouble you faced and we appreciate your patience regarding this matter. Thank you.

I had the same problem but they sorted me out with 2 perfectly good codes today after a few days wait. Be patient they'll come good in the end! :-)

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