Cannot redeem 3DS US $10 code (Error 026-6838)

I cannot redeem 3DS (US) code using my US3DS that registered with zipcode 99551 (Akiachak, AK, USA)

It display error code 026-6838, the code you entered could not be recognized, 

I already sent feedback before and not response, please do something about this or provide another usable code!!! 

This issue keep unsolved until 2 weeks

Order Number:6134778

defe.jpg defe.jpg
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Hi Lan,

We have forwarded your complaint to our CD Key Team along with your screen shot as well. We will notify you via email for any updates regarding your issue. We apology for the inconvenience you faced while shopping with us. Thank you.

hi, any update of this issue? 

I still did not receive any update email from your team....

I want to confirm that I'm not wait for nothing

Hi Lan,

We shall get back to you in the soonest time possible once the investigation complete. We apologize for the inconvenience caused.


 Hi Lan,

We have withdrawn the faulty code and have replaced a new serial for the faulty code. The replacement can be found at your order, which will display a different code when viewed. We appreciate your patience during the period of investigation.

Thank you

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