Buying mycard with a wrong code

I bought 3000 on mycard and it cost $81. after i secure checkout and i got the code. However, the code was wrong , so is there any way that i can get my money back because i dont want to waste my $81 on the wrong code. who know please help me because i was waiting for the company to reply my email that i sent about 4 days ago still didnt get my money. 

 Hello Vayhong,

We would definitely love to help you solve the problem. However, we would need your assistance to provide us the following:

1) Screen shot of the error message that you received when you try to use the codes, including the URL link that you try to use the CDKey / time card / expansion pack
2) Screen shot from the OffGamers order page showing the pincode(s)/CDKey(s)

Kindly do not crop the screenshots and you may save them as .jpeg/.png format. The respective team will investigate the issue with the publisher/game developer once the required screenshots have been received. It shall take approximately.

You can submit to us through the following link:

The case will be forwarded to our CDK department and we will update you once we have any findings from our end.

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