karma coin cards are being stated as invalid

 ive ordered over 5cards of karma coin 50$ u should really see what is going on since these cards are labled as invalid

6 people have this problem
Hello. Victor. Kindly submit your issue at so we can escalate to our publisher to run an investigation and get back to you via email once there is an updates.


This happened to me too, twice. I got an automatic reply but thats all and its been 14 hours, also gave (USA) office a call and got a dial tone every time. I ordered a lot from here but my last two did not work and cannot contact via phone or online messages. Still waiting on response.

Hi misteranthonypardo,

Do provide us the screenshots of your issue via this link: CD Key Issue Submission Form. Our respective team will check on your issue. Once your issue is solved, we will get back to you at once, via email.

We apologize for the inconveniences.

Hi Vic happens to me many many times, just double check if you have spaces infront or at the back of the codes, it happens when you cut and paste the codes. backspaced and delete those spaces. hope thats your only problem.
good luck dude


same here!!

I had this issue last night as well, I have submitted the screenshots through the online form. Have not heard back yet.

I had this issue today for a $50 karma koin... I checked for any spaces and all that, but it still said invalid, and have submitted a complaint with screenshots as well. I haven't heard back just yet either. 

Hi all,

We apologize for the delay on the Karma Koin issues, rest assured that we have forwarded all your case to the CDkey and Game Card team for further check. We will send an email to all affected customers in this situation once we receive any updates from the publisher.

You may contact our Customer Service for updates on your order status by sending them tickets or contacting them in the 'Live Chat' function.


i just bought 4 cards taht are ALL INVAILD and would like this fixed now. i need then NOW

Have the same problem right now. just bought 4 cards that are all invaild

Yup, same problem here. I'm waiting for them to "determine IF they were invalid" which I know for a fact they did not work.

Still sitting here, twiddling my thumbs.


I bought a $50 Karma Koin code yesterday. Says, invalid code also. I sent in support ticket and the screen shots they requested have yet to get a response other than please give us 48hours.

I was told that they have not yet heard from the "department" and that it should be today that I'll hear back and they'll replace all 4 of my codes "if" they did not work.

I do not have the patience to wait to receive a product I paid for, not that long.. If I have to wait until tomorrow, I am going to be very angry.

this is crap. 200$ wasted and i cant get it back for 2-4 days?

the more i have to wait the less im going to use this site anymore. 

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